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Here's why you weren't selected for the job.

Here’s Why You Weren’t Selected for the Job

Interviewing for a job is the worst. No one enjoys going through the interview process and most find themselves second-guessing their answers or how they thought it went as soon as the interview is over. Then, you wait for the sacred call back. You wonder how long it will take

You Never Know Who You Can Trust (But You Can Trust Us)

Take charge of your job search. That’s our number one goal for you. WorkPast is an affiliate of KRESS Employment Screening, a professional pre-employment screening organization that has performed background checks and other services for clients across the United States since 1990. While KRESS provides various screening opportunities for companies

You NEED to Know These Background Check Terms

So, you’ve decided to order a personal background check in order to better prepare for your next big interview. You’re so responsible! As you come across the WorkPast website, you’re probably wondering, which one should I order? What are these items listed? Will I even be able to understand my

Which Two Industries Are Hiring Right Now?

These days, it helps to know what industries are hiring to help you make the best-informed career decisions. While getting a job is tough due to the COVID-19 crisis, it’s wise to know where you have the best chance of being hired and who is looking for workers outside of

We Help You Nail Your Interview

The entire reason WorkPast exists is to help you on your job search. How do we do that? By ordering your own personal background check, you can ensure there are no mistakes on your screening, be prepared to explain any criminal past that may come up, and can check that

This Is How The Big Shots Do Background Checks

So, you want to work for the big shots, huh? If you’re goal is to get into a well-known, competitive company, you probably should prepare like you’re already in their league. They’re running a background check on you at this very moment—what’s your move? Running a professional background check on

Get To Know YOU Better With A Self-Background Check

How well do you know yourself? How well do you think hiring managers know you? What do they see? What do they research? Background checks are the perfect opportunities to learn more about yourself BEFORE they do! Employers have been running background checks on job candidates for years. The reasons

DWIs: If You Did The Crime, Your Prospective Employer Will Know

Does a DWI lower your chance of getting hired? The saying goes, “If you did the crime, you’ve got to do the time!” This couldn’t be truer. If your background screen shows a DWI, you can bet the company you are talking to will take notice. If you really want

Self Background Checks: This Is What You Should Know

A single background check can make or break you in the professional world. If a potential employer uncovers something they weren’t expecting, it’s highly unlikely you’ll land the job—and most people don’t even know what’s in their own background check! Fortunately, WorkPast is here to help. We know everything there

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