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This Is How The Big Shots Do Background Checks

So, you want to work for the big shots, huh? If you’re goal is to get into a well-known, competitive company, you probably should prepare like you’re already in their league. They’re running a background check on you at this very moment—what’s your move?

Running a professional background check on yourself with WorkPast can help you prepare for this moment. In four simple steps, you are able to see what your future boss is able to see. All you have to do is choose a package, verify your identity, complete your order, and create an account.

Our personal background check service offers three main packages:

  1. The Starter Check – $19.99
  2. The Basic Check – $29.99
  3. The Standard Check – $49.99

Our background check experts can also customize your package to suit your needs for the industry you are looking to be hired or promoted in.

The Starter Check searches nationwide criminal and sex-offender databases. This check is ready the same day it is submitted.

A Basic Check includes the Starter Check, and adds a domestic watch list search, Social Security Number trace, and address history. This check is ready the same day it is submitted.

Our most popular Standard Check search includes the Basic Check, which is most similar to what employers look for. It also includes a county criminal court search and a federal court search based on where you’ve lived in the past seven years. This check can take up to three days to run

Our team of experts works diligently to execute quick background checks and will confirm the estimated time of completion with an email that is sent directly to you. For your peace of mind, your data will be sent in encrypted format. We only use your SSN to verify your identity. And we will NEVER store your SSN.

Some of the benefits of running your own background check include:

  • Be a hiring manager’s dream by walking into an interview pre-screened.
  • Stand out from all the other job candidates and get ahead.
  • Make sure the information that comes up is accurate and matches your application documents.
  • See what employers see before they run your background check.
  • Beat hiring managers to the punch during the interview, ready to explain anything that pops up from your past.

WorkPast the issues on your background check and get the job faster. It’s time to join the big leagues. It’s easy with our help.



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