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We Help You Nail Your Interview

The entire reason WorkPast exists is to help you on your job search. How do we do that?

By ordering your own personal background check, you can ensure there are no mistakes on your screening, be prepared to explain any criminal past that may come up, and can check that your resume matches the screening your interviewers have likely already reviewed.

We know what you’re thinking: how can there be a mistake on a background check? WHAT? Errors on background checks can prevent you from getting the job you desire. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen—especially if you have a very common name. Take the extra step and initiative now to check if there’s a mistake and get it corrected before it’s too late.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, it’s best to know exactly what’s on your background check if you have a criminal past. In fact, knowing the exact verbiage on your check will help you better prepare for any questions regarding the incident.

Being prepared is obviously the most important aspect of an interview. When we say,“being prepared”, we don’t just mean knowing the answers to the questions your interviewers will most likely ask you in regard to the position you’re applying for. We mean getting ahead of their deeper questions and making a strong first impression by addressing anything they may see as red flags or giant question marks when it comes time for them to review your background check.

How can you do this?

  1. Be honest. Don’t lie about your record or on your resumé or in the interview. Thanks to technology, there’s a high chance the person interviewing you will learn the truth. On a background check, it will simply state the crime you committed with no other information or detail. You should see this as something in your favor. It allows you to address it, explain the situation, and tell the company what you learned from this hiccup in your life.
  2. Describe what you learned. If you explain what happened and how it positively changed your life, many employers will overlook a minor crime done in the past. If you attended classes to help you after the fact, it’s always good to mention how you recovered and changed your life for the better. Make it easier for the company to leave the past in the past by giving them a positive outlook.
  3. Put it behind you. If the offense happened years and years ago and you have had a fine history ever since, tell the person interviewing you just that. Explain the steps you took to get back on track. How did this affect your life? How did you turn a bad situation into a positive path? Focus on the achievements you got out of it.

It’s time to move forward and work toward a better future!

Congratulations you got to the interview phase of a potential job! You should be proud of yourself and prepared for the interview. Be confident that the resumé you are presenting them matches the time frame of your screening. Background checks will include your past addresses, workplaces, and more. If you lie, they’ll know eventually. Honesty is always the best policy and it shows you can be trusted in your workplace.

Our background screenings are designed to help you nail the interview and get your dream job. Don’t ever give up. Just better prepare yourself. Your future employers will respect you more for it. Order your self-background check today.

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