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Here’s Why You Weren’t Selected for the Job

Here's why you weren't selected for the job.

Interviewing for a job is the worst. No one enjoys going through the interview process and most find themselves second-guessing their answers or how they thought it went as soon as the interview is over.

Then, you wait for the sacred call back. You wonder how long it will take for you to hear from them again, or if you ever will. If you’ve had several rounds of interviews with various companies and haven’t received that final call offering a job, you may be making one of these costly but common mistakes during your interview!

  1. Um, So, Like, Just, Actually. These words KILL your chances of getting the job. These words may be small but powerful, people tend to use filler words when nervous. A hiring manager needs to know that you’re confident and articulate, especially in an industry such as sales, marketing, recruiting, teaching, and others where communication skills are everything. How can you fix this problem? Practice! Think through your answer before speaking. Speak slowly and be aware of the words you are saying.

  2. Speedy Talk. During an interview, job candidates want to tell the hiring managers all of their experience and accomplishments—often times, too quickly. Talking too fast can make it hard for a hiring manager to understand what you’re saying. Pausing to collect your thoughts is vital. It does not show weakness, but ensures you’re taking breaths between responses. A hiring manager will like your confidence and appreciate your thought-out, coherent response.

  3. Talking S***. Staying positive may seem like a given, but when you’ve had bad job experiences in the past, and past experiences come up in an interview, it may slip out that you hated your previous boss or didn’t get along with a past company. This is a giant NO-NO! NEVER use derogatory words. In fact, don’t talk badly at all. An interview is not a place to vent. Instead focus on what you learned from past roles.

  4. Money, Money, Money. Unless the interviewer actually asks you for your desired salary, an interview is not the place to ask about vacation time and salary. Ask thoughtful questions about company culture and the position you are applying for. The negotiation phase will come once you’re offered the job. If knowing the salary before the interview is that important to you, it’s possible to use sites such as GlassDoor to find what similar positions in other companies are paying.

  5. Unprepared. Print out multiple copies of your resumé, portfolio, and any other collateral pieces that are relevant to the job. Each person interviewing you should get his or her own copy. Learn about the company before you walk in. Be prepared to answer basic, and extensive interview questions. Ensure you’re qualified and ready to discuss the experience listed on your resumé. Know the industry and the terms. And get your personal background check done prior to the interview to ensure it’s correct and you’re ready to explain anything on your record.

    Interviewing is stressful. But once you get the job offer, it’s all worth it! Start by getting prepared. Order your background check today to get started.

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